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Self Nomination Form

This nomination is for (select one):

Please note that Director is the most common, very few associations have Delegates, in the event yours does not and you select Delegate, we will assume you are submitting your nomination for a Director.

Candidate Statements are optional, but here are some helpful topics to help you draft yours:

1) How long have you been a member of the association?

2) If you are currently on the board - how long have you been in this role?  Any accomplishments you want to point out?

3) What is your background?

4) What is your vision for the Association?

5) What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?

6) How regularly do you attend board meetings?

7) Have you ever served on a Board of Directors before (for an association, non-profit, company)?

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Are you a member of this association? (Membership requires that you be an owner, on title, of the property).
Have you been a member for at least one year?
Are you current in payment of all regular and special assessments?
Have you paid such assessments, "under protest" OR have you entered into a payment plan pursuant to Ca Civil Code Section 5665?
If elected to the board would you be serving on the board at the same time as another person who holds a joint ownership interest in the same separate interest parcel?
Do you have any past criminal convictions which would either prevent the association from purchasing the fidelity bond coverage required per CA Civil Code Section 5806 should you be elected to the board, or that would cause the termination of the association's existing coverage?
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